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    Save money, but don’t sacrifice any of the quality of whole carpet.

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Here at the Carpet Mill, we are delighted to house some of the finest quality carpet remnants in Toronto. The Carpet Mill purchases our carpet remnants directly from our suppliers—they are brand new carpet pieces that are complied in remnant packages.

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We are located on the North – East corner of Gerrard Avenue and Carlaw Avenue in the Riverdale Plaza and we have plenty of free parking available.

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Carpet Remnants – Facts

Carpet Remnants Supplier Toronto

Carpet Remnants Supplier Toronto

Carpet remnants are the same quality as normal carpets—the only difference is their size and shape.  Due to the large variety in floor sizes and shapes, whole carpets need to be carefully cut in order to fit a property’s specifications. The remaining unused carpet pieces are of little use to the carpet store, as most carpet orders require customized physical specifications that cannot be filled by these unused pieces. However, these carpet remnants are not just small pieces—most are actually large enough to fit anything from rooms to whole floors. These remnants are heavily discounted and thus become very affordable and viable options for our customers, while maintaining the same excellent quality of normal carpets.

No Discernable Difference

Since carpet remnants have no discernable difference with carpets, they also provide the very same benefits and advantages that their counterparts do. Carpet remnants give any room in which they are utilized an instant sense of warmth and luxury; the extra addition of colour and texture that carpeting provides also allows for creative and unique combinations with the other elements in a room.

For rooms that are frequently used and experience heavy traffic, carpeting allows for a feeling of comfort and lushness that instantly improves the ability of that room to function as a living space. Carpet is excellent in its ability to insulate sound and heat, making it ideal for cold winter months. It is also an excellent option for children’s rooms and spaces due to their soft and inviting nature.

Excellent & Affordable Option

For an excellent yet affordable alternative to carpet, consider carpet remnants. The Carpet Mill has thousands of samples available at our store, all ready for our customers to peruse. We are confident that the variety, quality and quantity of our selection makes us the best choice for carpet remnants in Toronto—come visit us today and see what we can do for your home.